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The Beginner’s Guide for Waterskis: Choosing the best equipment
If you are a veteran water skier, purchasing skis is not a big deal. For beginners, the process of choosing a water ski that meets the needs can be a little confusing. Water skiing is a challenging sport that requires a physically fit structure, balance, endurance and strength. Just like snow skiing, you need to assess your level of ability and go with the right equipment. Whether you know how to ski or not, water ski is a sport which anyone can do if they love being in the water. To get you started in water skiing, here is a list of basic skiing equipment you will need.

Keeping floating safely
A Life vest is probably the most important equipment for water skiing. A lot of countries mandate the use of a life vest, in Australia there are certain standards that a life vest must meet to be safe to use. For added safety, make sure your vest is brightly coloured and should have a fit snug to keep your head above the water line.

The Preferred Choice
When talking about the skiing equipment, the most commonly used waterskis are combination or combo skis. Since they have a much more user friendly construction with bindings to suit a number of people, they are always great for beginners. Since the skier has greater control, this makes this equipment easier to learn.

One Great Skiing Option
While combination skis are great for getting into skiing, slalom skis can provide you with a more exciting skiing experience. Slalom skis will make it easier to ski at greater speeds and with more control. Single skis are designed with more advanced materials and features such as concaves, bevels and widths to give the recreational or beginning skier a better advantage and more enjoyable experience. For advanced water skiers, the slalom skis are designed to be lighter and stiffer to allow an advanced skier to go faster and corner quicker.

Something for the entertainer
Another style of water skiing that is popular is trick skiing. These are shorter in length compared to Combo skis or Slalom skis and are designed to be used at slower speeds and focus on performing tricks on the wake of the boat. Skiers can ski the trick ski forwards or backwards but can also flip and spin similar to wakeboard tricks. These types of skis have shorter length and broader ski area. Compare to other water skis, fins cannot be found in the bottom so that slides and turns can be performed well.
Selected Brands
There are a number of retailers who sell water skiing equipment on the Internet. Some of the better known brands are Connelly, HO, Radar and Jobe. Whether a beginner, an expert skier, or have a family member who wishes to ski, you can always find the right skis to enjoy from many of the larger waterski brands.
Brands of Waterski: Comprehensive Features
Water skiing is a very popular recreational sport around the world and was also the basis for other many popular watersports (e.g. wakeboarding, wakeskating, trick skiing and kneeboarding). Waterskiing is a great activity for everyone in the family and a fun way to keep fit. Water skiing equipment comes with different brands that offer a variety of sizes and designs, that will easily accommodate every skier at any skill level or even budget.
Connelly Water Skis
Connelly was one of the earliest waterski brands to start producing high quality waterskis for skiers. Connelly have always made an effort to creating waterskis that were simple and easy to use but never sacrificed performance. Connelly waterskis have been one the longest running waterski companies and have built a reputation on their ability to produce some of the best waterskis available. Connelly has also been responsible for creating and setting the standards that are used by other brands today.
HO Water Skis
HO waterskis were started by waterski legend and pioneer Herb O’Brien. HO revolutionised the way ski were created and how ski were able to perform and continue to do so to the present day. Drawing on his waterskiing experience Herb O’Brien created some of the most revolutionary waterskis every that many tried to copy but could not master. Today HO Waterskis continue to develop and create the most advanced skis for the best skiers without forgetting about the first time skier and family.


Radar waterskis are infants in the waterski world still but have created a strong fan base because of their easy to use ski range and also comfortable and support waterski binding range. Radar waterskis have focused their waterski range around the needs of the best waterskiers in the world and then created skis that are easy and enjoyable to use to help learning and progression of waterskiing. Using some of the highest quality materials and construction methods Radar waterskis have built a reputation on waterskis that not only perform and handle well but also that look great.

Many things will pop into your head when you think of water skiing. Whether doing an entertaining stuff or you just want to do your own thing, you probably do not realize just how many styles and types of skis are out there. The manufacturers mentioned above are the leading brands in the water skiing industry, and the determining factors when choosing the best one are your personal design, quality, and the features.